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Disability in the new Law on non-financial information and diversity
17 Jan 2019

There are many summaries, comments, reflections and articles that are being shared these days on the new Law on non-financial information and diversity, published in the Spanish Official State Gazette on the last 29 December. This Law introduces many new aspects, which significantly increases the demands for transparency in non-financial information, and establishes a clear agenda of issues in this regard. 
A recent article, in a relevant newspaper such as Expansión, drew attention to a particular issue, which constitutes one of the new aspects of the Law: the inclusion of disability. In this sense, the current Law is the final picture of a long process that began in Brussels, in which Fundación ONCE has participated, and then continued in Spain by the hand of the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), with a satisfactory result to continue advancing towards greater social inclusion and employment of people with disabilities, as well as towards the generation of a more sustainable and inclusive economy.
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Carla Bonino