Research and analysis main outcomes


Analysis of the inclusion of the disability dimension in the Corporate Social Responsibility Reports of European Multinational companies

Based on the previous creation (in collaboration with companies and other entities) of a series of indicators aimed at evaluating and promoting the inclusion of disability in CSR or Sustainability Reports, an analysis was made concerning the situation of this type of reports in a series of European multinational companies. The reports of 16 companies from different sectors were analysed, identifying best practices and areas of improvement for further mainstreaming disability in their strategies, with the aim of contributing with ideas and learnings to the general entrepreneurial community.

Image of guide Disability in Sustainability Reporting

Guide “Disability in Sustainability Reporting” by Fundación ONCE and Global Reporting Initiative

The Guide, published in 2015, was created with the aim of supporting the organisations in disseminating their commitment to respect and to promotion of rights of people with disabilities and at the same time helping the companies to understand the competitive advantage provided by integrating issues related to disability in the business strategies, while favouring the creation of inclusive workplaces.


This guide has been updated within the framework of Disability Hub Europe! If you want to know more about the new guide click here


Some examples of CSR+D contribution to the design of public policies


CSR+D built, developed and maintained communication and interaction channels with the decision-making authorities and other political stakeholders at European and national level, providing them with objective data and objective information elements, which have turned into solid technical sets of arguments to back the inclusion and reinforcement of disability in the European agendas.

In this sense, it drawn-up publications and documents with an institutional and political character, in the shape of position papers, statements or contributions and answers to public consultations launched by different European and international bodies always keeping and defending the disability mainstreaming.

  • Contribution to the inclusion of the Disability Dimension into the CSR Reports of the European Parliament:

    The CSR+D Network started an important political advocacy strategy in the European Parliament, with the aim of encouraging the inclusion of disability in two reports that this European institution was drawing up on CSR, on the initiative of MEP Richard Howitt and former MEP Rafaelle Baldasarre. The process ended with the publication of the respective reports in 2013, including the proposals of the Network.

  • Contribution to the inclusion of Disability in the national CSR strategies in Spain and Italy:

    CSR+D gathered a series of proposals for the Spanish CSR Strategy during its preparation period, which were submitted to the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) with the aim of strengthening the disability dimension in the document. On the other hand, both the disability question and the specific mention of CSR+D were included in the National CSR Action Plan 2012-2014 in Italy.

  • Contribution to the inclusion of disability in the European Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility

    A milestone of great relevance in matters of CSR was the inclusion of disability in the respective European agenda through the Communication that was published by the European Commission in October 2011 “Renewed EU Strategy 2011-2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility”. After this important milestone, the Network continued working so that the coming EU initiatives in this field, and particularly the renewal of the European CSR Strategy for the future, keep and strengthen the disability perspective as an element part of CSR.


Some examples of CSR+D exchanges of experiences

  • Institutional presentation of the European Network for CSR+D in Madrid

    Was held in April 2012 at a high-level event, with the participation of representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security, the European Commission, the founding partners of the Network, the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), as well as of other relevant entities, such as CSR Europe. The event, which was attended by more than 200 representatives of companies, public administrations and social entities, served to formally introduce the Network, highlighting its role as relevant actor to contribute to the inclusion of disability in the CSR agendas and underlining the significance of the latter as an element to encourage the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities in Europe.

  • CSR Webinar with CSR Europe

    A European-wide webinar was held in October 2012, in collaboration with CSR Europe. The webinar was used to disseminate the initiative and the main messages of the Network and to present the CSR+D indicators that had been developed in the previous year, as well as the preliminary results of the analysis about the inclusion of disability in the European corporate CSR reports that was being carried out. In addition to the participation of Fundación ONCE, another founding partner of the Network, Telefónica, presented its Disability Strategy and the inclusion of this dimension in business, sharing with participants the way in which they had included the CSR+D indicators in their sustainability report. This example served to inspire questions and generate debate among the more than twenty participating companies and organisations from different countries of the EU.

  • Workshops and seminars in collaboration with Business Schools

    Establishment of a cooperation line with meaningful business schools in Spain, with the aim of creating meeting and discussion spaces to promote the role of disability in the heart of CSR agendas. A workshop was held in Madrid, in September 2011, in collaboration with IE Business School on “CSR, Disability and Reporting”. This workshop, which was attended by more than 30 participants from leader companies had the aim of debating and exchanging experiences, as well as contributing to the drawing-up of the already mentioned CSR+D indicators. Another outstanding example was the organisation of the seminar on “CSR, Social Innovation and Disability” in Barcelona, in July 2013, with the collaboration of ESADE, during which the connection between these three concepts in order to contribute to a competitive, sustainable and inclusive growth model was emphasized.

  • CSR+D creates Agora+d

    The European Network for CSR+D set-off the Agora+D platform, an ambitious project born out of the idea of generating debate, raising awareness and promoting mutual learning through a space to exchange best practices of leading organizations both from the public and private sector, dealing with the integration of the disability dimension into their CSR, innovation and social entrepreneurship strategies. The initiative was launched in Brussels, in May 2015, within the framework of the seminar, "Private money for public good: a multistakeholder approach to promote social innovation from a disability perspective", which was held in the headquarters of the European Foundation Centre, co-organised by this entity and Fundación ONCE, together with the European Consortium of Foundations on Human Rights and Disability. One of the first specific results of the Agora+D project was the publication in 2015: "Breaking down grant making silos: Disability as a cross-programme initiative".

Awards and Recognitions

Image of European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability

European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability: Promoting Social Investment


CSR+D integrated the "European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability: Promoting Social Investment", which will continue in the framework of Disability Hub Europe.

The goal of the Award is to promote social entrepreneurship as a driving force to improve the creation of employment and the encouragement of social cohesion in Europe. At the same time, it should contribute to providing people with disabilities with an outstanding role in the European model for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, as intended by the European 2020 Strategy. The Award publicly recognise two types of projects:

  • Social entrepreneurship projects that deal with the field of disability

  • Projects that are promoted by entrepreneurs with disabilities with innovative initiatives

Image of 1 Edition October 2013-2014

1rst Edition October 2013-2014


The first edition of the European Award of Social Entrepreneurship and Disability counted with 51 eligible projects from 12 countries and the winner was awarded with 6.000€.

For more information on best practices of The Award´ first edition click here.

Image of 2 Edition October 2014-2015

2nd Edition October 2014-2015


The second edition of the European Award of Social Entrepreneurship and Disability counted with 43 eligible projects from 13 countries and the winner was awarded with 11.000€.

For more information on best practices of The Award´ second edition click here.

The partners of the award were CSR+D founding partners: Fundación ONCE, L´Oréal, Ministero del Lavoro e delle politiche sociali and Telefónica and other collaborating entities such as EIDD – Design for All Europe (Ireland), Essl Foundation (Austria), European Commission, European Disability Forum, Fundación Triodos (Spain) and Kanchi (Ireland).

Winner of the 1rst European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability:

Image of Winner of the 1rst European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability

Gregor Demblin, winner of the First Edition Award with the Commissioner Lázló Andor, responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at his left and with Alberto Durán, Fundación ONCE Executive Vicepresident, at the time, behind him.


“Career Moves” strives to link organizations and governmental institutions aiming to integrate people with disabilities into the labour market with job seekers and businesses. It focuses on the ability of these people to perform and convince companies of the economic benefits they can gain by becoming disability confident.

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Winner of the Second European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability:

Image of Winner of the Second European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability

Kristina Tsvetanova, winner of the Second Edition Award with the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen at her right and with Alberto Durán, Fundación ONCE President at her left.


“BLITAB, First Tablet for Blind and Visually Impaired People” which enables to read e-books, specialized text forms as well as to display simple images like building plans and routes. It makes it possible for blind children to learn 3D-geometric forms interactively, use Internet surfing and have access to modern technology.

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