Hiring people with disabilities: challenges and good practices

The webinar, promoted by Fundación ONCE together with Dow in the framework of DHub, aims to identify the main reasons why difficulties are encountered in the selection and hiring of persons with disabilities (eg. persons with disabilities do not present themselves to the selection processes, or persons with disabilities do not have the required profiles) and how COVID-19 has increased or may increase these challenges. Also, actions and good practices that can help to address these difficulties will be presented.

The webinar will help participants to

1. Identify which are the challenges of hiring people with disabilities, particularly after COVID-19

2. Share the necessary tools to face these challenges (what to do to be an attractive company for people with disabilities, where to go to make themselves known among people with disabilities willing to participate in selection processes, where to find candidates, what can be done so that people with disabilities get the required profiles, etc.)


  • HR leaders
  • Sustainability and CSR leaders
  • Recruiting companies and agencies
  • Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) and persons with disabilities


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Start date:
20 Jan 2021 - 11:00
Ending date:
20 Jan 2021- 12:30