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About D-HUB

What is Disability Hub Europe?

"Disability Hub Europe for Sustainable Growth and Social Innovation” (Disability Hub Europe, D-Hub) is a multi-stakeholder engagement initiative aimed at building a reference space for best practice exchange, dissemination, mutual learning and raising awareness on the binomial Disability and Sustainability, with a special focus on the “S” of ESG factors

Led by Fundación ONCE, the project is carried out within the framework of the “Spanish Operational Programme on Social Inclusion and Social Economy 2014-2020”, as a Transnational Cooperation action, co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Since we started our activity in 2018, we have worked in different areas and topics. Now, our focus is being enriched by the inclusion of new lines linked to the opportunities presented by climate action and just transition.


Our purpose

The final goal of D-Hub is to foster social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities in Europe while promoting inclusive and sustainable business in a just transition context.


Four objectives under a 360º approach

  • Foster best practices exchange and mutual learning, giving a space of visibility at EU level to reference companies and organizations.
  • Generate and share knowledge, instruments, analysis, and methodologies
  • Improve the disability dimension in relevant sustainability, CSR, diversity, human rights, just transition and related political and business agendas.
  • Promote the disability perspective in policies and actions related to climate emergency and just transition.

People with disabilities are stakeholders from a broad perspective, playing different roles in relation to business.

Graph - Disability Hub Europe has a 360 view

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