The purpose of Fundación ONCE is that all persons, regardless of having a disability, age or accessing the website with unconventional technologies, may browse through this site without encountering access difficulties.

Hence, the development of the portal was based on the fulfilment of the Accessibility Guidelines to the Content of the Web 1.0 established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).


Some of the functionalities implemented in the web to access all content with greater ease are:

  • The visual features of the portal (font, font colour and background, etc.) are defined in the style sheet so that users can adjust the text to their preferences.
  • The font sizes have been defined with relative units so that they can be expanded or reduced using the browser options.
  • Any user accessing the portal with a browser that does not support style sheets shall not entail a difficulty as all content can be accessed with CSS deactivated .
  • Websites have a clear structure both so that users can see all content, and for anyone reading information with a screen reader, users that deactivate style sheets, etc. Under this objective, HTML code has been used to define section headers, lists and all elements that help to understand the general content of the website.
  • HTML and CSS code used is compliant with formal grammar to guarantee the proper visualisation of the content in different browsers.

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