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Interview with Alejandro Moledo, Deputy Director of the European Disability Forum.
01 Aug 2023

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is an organization committed to promoting the rights of people with disabilities across Europe, in addition to being a partner of the DHUB initiative. Its Deputy Director, Alejandro Moledo, plays a pivotal role in this mission, advocating for a more inclusive society and ensuring that the voices of people with disabilities are heard and respected.
Since its inception, the EDF has tirelessly worked to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities in various aspects of life, including employment, education, health, and accessibility. Alejandro Moledo, with his profound dedication and expertise in disability-related matters, has been instrumental in ensuring that the policies and legislations of the European Union reflect the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities.
In the interview with Alejandro Moledo, the importance of addressing the discrimination and exclusion faced by people with disabilities in society is highlighted. Moledo emphasizes that equal rights and opportunities should be a reality for all, and that people with disabilities deserve to fully participate in public life and enjoy a life of dignity. One central point of the conversation is the need to promote accessibility in all areas of life. Moledo stresses that accessibility is not just a matter of physical infrastructure, but also about access to information and services. It is essential for people with disabilities to have equal access to information and communication technologies.
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Alejandro Moledo's focus on inclusive employment is another significant topic in the interview. He advocates for measures that foster employment for people with disabilities and for work environments that accommodate their individual needs. Inclusive employment benefits not only people with disabilities but also enriches diversity and contributes to a more positive and productive work environment for everyone.
Regarding education, Moledo highlights the importance of inclusive education, where people with disabilities can access quality education in regular educational settings. Inclusive education is crucial to empower people with disabilities and prepare them to be active and contributing members of society.
The interview also addresses the collaboration between the European Disability Forum and other civil society organizations and European institutions. Moledo emphasizes the need to work together to make a significant impact in promoting the rights of people with disabilities and in shaping policies that reflect their interests.
In summary, the interview with Alejandro Moledo, highlights the valuable work of this organization in the fight to ensure equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities across Europe. Moledo's dedication and expertise make the EDF a key player in promoting an inclusive and accessible society for all. Collaboration between the EDF and other entities is essential to achieving significant advancements and creating a more equitable and human rights-respecting future.