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Join the World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021
27 May 2021

The city of Madrid and the largest technological platform created for an online congress on disability will host, from June 28 to 30, 2021, the largest face-to-face and virtual world meeting of blind and visually impaired people, who work to earn, together, their future.

The World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021, a first-rate international meeting, promoted every four years by the World Blind Union (WBU). Which will also include:

•            The global meeting of the world's leading experts in blind education (ICEVI).

•            Webinars and information sessions on accessible technology.

•            Youth Summit

•            Pre and post events of the World Blind Union, ICEVI and Grupo Social ONCE.

The World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021  is a unique meeting, global in scope, connected, fundamental to promote participation and equal opportunities for more than 285 million blind or low vision people.

•            The challenges of the present and the future will be addressed to continue advancing in the full inclusion and active participation in society of blind or visually impaired people. All this with the commitment to contribute in a special way to improve the quality of life of the 285 million people who live in countries of all kinds, also developing.

•            It will serve to share good practices at the international level, discuss the findings and learnings. In addition to knowing, from the hand of experts in technology, education, innovation, the advances and developments that are being worked on and will mark the future. Define joint international strategies to achieve common objectives.

•            Participation as volunteers, collaborators and / or sponsors of citizens, companies and social organizations will be essential for the success of the summit and to raise awareness about the need to overcome barriers and advance in the full inclusion of blind or visually impaired people. Since it is crucial to move forward together, there will be a series of central events open to the participation of all citizens.

•            More than 100 accredited national and international media will gather physically and virtually. And there will be active participation in social networks and technological supports, all working with a common goal: to raise awareness and awareness about the importance and future of blindness.

We are at a key point in the matter of eliminating prejudices and fighting for the equality of blind people. Progress has been great, although very uneven in the world, and much remains to be done. Digital transformation is a great ally but it also generates new challenges; we must work conscientiously so that it is an inclusive transformation that does not build new barriers. This world-wide event held in Spain will be a first-rate accolade to raise awareness and launch a clear message of inclusion, both to administrations and civil society from all over the world.