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We are back stronger than ever!
22 Jun 2022

After a period of internal reflection, D-Hub resumes its activity inspired by the same spirit that gave birth to it four years ago: to consolidate itself as a space of reference, exchange and mutual learning that fosters social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities in Europe and promotes the development of inclusive and sustainable businesses. However, in this new stage, the usual trio of employment, disability and sustainability will be enriched by a new component: the opportunities – and challenges – that fair transition offers.


Thus, we will continue to work to promote public policies, tools and mechanisms that integrate the disability dimension in areas such as corporate business strategies, CSR, diversity, human rights, sustainable finance, inclusive workplaces, reporting, the value chain and climate action. 


But we will not do it alone: we will continue to count on the support of our partners and collaborators, a network that helps us to expand our message throughout the continent and that will be enriched soon with the incorporation of new allies.


Influence, knowledge and outreach


In addition to positioning ourselves in relation to European policies and regulations on disability – especially those related to a fair, green and inclusive transition – during this new stage D-Hub will continue to generate knowledge and shared value with the development of new research studies. Likewise, it will carry on with its dissemination work through participation in different international events with the aim of consolidating both its activity and that of its collaborators.


Moreover, steps will be taken to raise awareness of these issues both in the business world and among the general public. To this end, our newsletter and our twitter profile will be joined by a new channel on LinkedIn.


We are starting a new journey, will you join us?