Webinar: Non-financial information and disability reporting in the European Union

On February 18th, Fundación ONCE together with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) organized the webinar "Non-financial information and disability reporting in the European Union" in DHub framework. 


Fundación ONCE has presented the study "Non-financial information and disability reporting. An in-depth analysis of the case of Spain" how the 27 Member States´ transpositions of the Directive 2014/95EU on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information have included disability. Moreover, it deepens into the Spanish case, where the transposition of the Directive has been more ambitious in terms of disability inclusion in reporting


The session has counted with reference actors including the European Commission, Shift Project, European Disability Forum (EDF), L´Oréal, Acciona, KPMG and the ONCE Social Group. 


The webinar helped participants to learn on:


  • How Sustainability and non-financial reporting can play an important role in promoting inclusive business practices
  • The impact to include explicit disability-related requirements in the non-financial reporting agenda and legislative framework.
  • How stakeholders can contribute to a more disability inclusive non-financial reporting
  • Additionally, experts shared good practices on how to improve on the transparency of disability reporting


To ensure accessibility, Live English captions and interpretation into International Sign were provided during the webinar.


Target audience: 

  • Sustainability/CSR Managers
  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers
  • Experts on Sustainability/CSR and non-financial reporting


Check DHub press note here and Fundación ONCE press note here

Check the recording here


Fecha: Thursday, 18 February, 2021 - 11:00